Marketing Automation

Gen Z: The future of marketing

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up in an online connected environment. We call them Digital Natives for a reason.

It’s no wonder that so many people have cell phones (95 percent) and have been using them since they were children: 97 percent use one of the top seven social media platforms.

And with this generation, video reigns supreme. They’re to blame for TikTok’s rise: Gen Z accounts for six out of ten TikTokers. They’re also major YouTube users. Even “older” social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have shifted their focus to video in recent years to meet the growing demand for video content.

What does that mean for businesses looking to connect with this generation?

You should use social media frequently. Being where your customers are is crucial. This includes both paid and organic social media posts. You can target similar audiences or friends of your consumers with social ads, and you can tailor your message to that segment’s psychographic and demographic data. It is more pertinent and thus more effective.

It’s time to consider multichannel marketing. Gen Z expects websites to communicate with one another across platforms to provide a more personalized experience. You need to have a consistent, integrated approach whether they’re communicating with you on Instagram, in the app, or via email.

Prepare to communicate in their language: video. We’re talking about an immersive, interactive, and on-demand experience. Choose short-form, high-impact content. Don’t tell, show. Instead of being generic, be unique. With so much vying for their attention, dynamic video can make you stand out.

What will turn the heads of Generation Z?

It’s difficult to stand out in a society saturated with media by just being “different.” However, now that we know more about Gen Z, we have a better idea of what they’re looking for: personalization, authenticity and transparency, omnichannel communication and lastly video posts.

Can we help?

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