• Unwrapping the Power of Gift Cards: How Data Analytics Personalizes the Perfect Present
    Imagine this: It’s the holiday season, and you’re on a mission to find the ideal gift for your best friend. You know they love fashion, but with countless options out there, how do you choose? Enter the humble gift card, […]
  • A New Era: Exploring the Rise of Marketing Automation
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  • Unlocking Success: The Power of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in Business
    In the vast sea of metrics and analytics, one stands out as a beacon of insight and profitability: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). More than just a number, CLV represents the cumulative value a customer brings to your business over their […]
  • Revolutionize Your Event Success with Streamlined Lead Retrieval
    In the ever-evolving landscape of events, success hinges on your ability to make meaningful connections. Whether you’re at trade shows, conferences, or other gatherings, the key lies in acquiring valuable contacts efficiently. Imagine a seamless process where participants can easily […]
  • Perfect Presents: The Power of Gift Cards
    Gift-giving is an art that goes beyond the physical exchange of items. It’s about creating moments of joy and connection and choosing the perfect gift is a task that involves more than just aesthetics. In this blog post, we delve […]
  • B2B Marketing automation: Developing powerful techniques
    One solution that promises to improve results, scale easily, and streamline operations is marketing automation. It is, however, only as useful as the techniques that underpin it, just like any other instrument. However, improving data is necessary to create better […]
  • Navigating 2024: Value-centric loyalty and micro-influencers in customer connection
    Elevating rewards: The emergence of value-centric loyalty programs In the current landscape, customers are more than ever in search of enhanced value from their loyalty programs. Brands that fail to reconsider their reward structures might find themselves overlooked by these […]
  • Unleashing prosperity: Igniting your brand’s triumph with a loyalty program
    In the dynamic and competitive landscape of modern business, retaining customers is just as crucial as acquiring new ones. This is where loyalty programs come into play, serving as a powerful tool to foster long-term relationships between businesses and their […]
  • Demonstrating Your Commitment to Sustainability through Gift Cards
    In today’s world, consumers’ concerns about sustainability are on the rise, and for good reason. The environmental impact of our choices has never been more apparent, and consumers are actively seeking out businesses that align with their values. As a […]
  • Boost event networking
    Networking is a top motivator for individuals attending business events, as it fosters a sense of community around a common business theme. However, there are no guarantees of meeting the right connections, and serendipitous encounters can be rare. But what […]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift Card: What Users Really Want
    Gift cards have become a popular choice for presents, offering both givers and receivers flexibility and convenience. However, not all gift cards are created equal, and it’s crucial to choose one that aligns with the recipient’s preferences. In this guide, […]
  • The Event Industry is Growing Due to these Emerging Trends
    The event industry is an ever-evolving landscape that continually adapts to the changing needs and preferences of attendees. With the emergence of new technologies, shifting consumer expectations, and global trends, the event industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. […]
  • Types of e-mail marketing
    Today we have various worldwide options for promoting our products and/or services. Among them, Google ads, presence on social networks, and other paid marketing campaigns stand out. Despite the popularity of all these methods, email marketing remains one of the […]
  • 3 methods marketing automation reduces time and cost
    Marketing automation software streamlines manual tasks, which constitutes its essence. However, it encompasses more than simply substituting manual marketing tasks with software-driven solutions. By eliminating manual tasks, time is saved, and employing software capable of managing the workload of multiple […]
  • Using the incorrect event technology (or none at all) has hidden costs
    In the event industry, no one enjoys updating their event technology. Even if what you’re currently doing isn’t actually working for you, the idea of trying something fresh can be frightening when you’re used to doing things a specific way. […]
  • How to create brand loyalty using referral loyalty programs
    Customers are bombarded with ads and marketing everywhere, causing them to ignore traditional marketing. Thus, companies must find alternative ways to effectively reach their customers. Hubspot’s study found that 81% of people trust recommendations from friends or family more than […]
  • The importance of personalized communication in creating a loyalty program
    In the last year, we have noticed an increased interest in building loyalty programs. Immediately, a parallel can be drawn between the 2008 recession, which hit us only about two years later and persisted until around 2012-2013 if we are […]
  • Your gift card program can help you increase user acquisition
    In today’s competitive digital market, attracting and retaining new customers is crucial for the growth of businesses, especially with crowded spaces like streaming entertainment and food delivery. Bringing in new customers helps counterbalance the natural loss of customers over time. […]
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    Marketing strategists say they are reaching more people than ever before because of new technology like AI that gives them more creative freedom with their platforms. However, there is something to be claimed for the more traditional approaches, in this […]
  • Can gift cards be their own currency?
    The usage of gift cards in exchange for cash seems like a simple idea. Gift cards, on the other hand, have evolved into a distinct form of money with their own advantages and tendencies. Here are three ways that gift […]
  • Barriers, difficulties, and solutions for personalized event registration
    Events are something where first impressions count. Registration establishes the mood and tone for the event as a kind of “opening act.” Although personalization is already ingrained in many aspects of any given event, it’s not always simple or clear […]
  • Introduction to loyalty program
    Customers do, after all, possess greater power than ever. They are far more intelligent and have greater options available to them. They are also far less forgiving. Developing a relationship with a customer is more challenging than ever. Even a minor […]
  • How to develop a successful email outreach plan
    Any organization that invests in digital marketing must develop an efficient email outreach strategy.  Reaching out to individuals via email is an essential component of any marketing plan, whether it’s for lead generation or nurturing, influencer marketing and link building, […]
  • 3 ways to retain more customers in 2023
    Looking for strategies to keep more customers in 2023? While we implemented significant changes in how businesses and customers engage over the last two years, this year offers an opportunity to perfect these new methods, continue introducing new trends, and […]
  • Development of loyalty programs
    The ability to adapt to changing technology and consumer preferences has been the secret to the success of loyalty programs in the retail sector. Here is a summary of the changes that have been made to retail loyalty programs over time. […]
  • Personalization and automation of emails: Engage your subscribers
    Every day, people receive numerous email messages, many of them being advertisements or spam. So, how can you create an email that will stand out and that your subscribers or customers will open them and interact with your brand? Email […]
  • Engaging your audience through social media
    Having a strong social media presence is one of the best ways to develop trust and solid relationships with your audience. The more you engage your audience on social media, the greater your organic reach will be. Algorithms favor content […]
  • Gen Z: The future of marketing
    Gen Z is the first generation to grow up in an online connected environment. We call them Digital Natives for a reason. It’s no wonder that so many people have cell phones (95 percent) and have been using them since […]
  • Connecting the online and offline worlds
    Connecting the offline and online world is yesterday’s news, but providing a good shopping customer experience is always at the center of attention. This is especially important when implementing a new product. Connecting offline and online marketing activities is about […]
  • The beginning of Marketing Automation
    There has been fierce competition since businesses found marketing as a means of promoting their products and services to potential clients. As a result, marketing became integrated with technology at some point, giving rise to modern marketing as we know […]
  • Virtual gifts as the next big thing
    We have been gifting one another for millions of years, starting with stones, handmade jewelry, clothes and all the way to gift cards. The evolution of gifts is amazing and people from previous centuries would have a hard time believing […]
  • Types of the loyalty programs
    We believe that you joined at least one loyalty program in your life. But did you know that there are different types of loyalty programs? We have found the five most common ones. Point programs Customers can earn points that […]
  • Have you heard about RFID?
    What even is RFID? RFID means “Radio-frequency identification” and it refers to a technology that, with the help of radio waves, detects and identifies RFID tags at a certain distance depending on the technology. It’s a type of wireless communication […]
  • The ultimate event planning guide
    Did you know that in marketing, most expenses are attributed to event planning? According to research, business events are considered the most effective B2B marketing tactics, used by as many as 81 % of all marketers. But how to create […]
  • Personalized and digitalized is a must
    The industry of gifting has accepted the personalization of products several years ago and the trend is still important and strong. Research shows that customers value personalization and are prepared to spend extra for a product to be personalized. Another […]
  • Trojan horse, Eiffel Tower and a gift card?
    With the development of today’s world, and cultures deeply rooted in us, giving and receiving gifts such as clothes, household appliances, gaming consoles or gift cards, seem something normal. But have you ever asked how gifts even became a thing […]
  • A Guide: Industry Conferences
    When organizers and participants think of professional events, industry conferences usually come to mind first. These large-scale events are frequently held in person in major cities’ exhibition halls or conference facilities. What is an Industry Conference? A large-scale gathering that […]