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Barriers, difficulties, and solutions for personalized event registration

Events are something where first impressions count. Registration establishes the mood and tone for the event as a kind of “opening act.” Although personalization is already ingrained in many aspects of any given event, it’s not always simple or clear to incorporate a personalization element into your registration process. But everyone deserves the warm welcome […]

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Have you heard about RFID?

What even is RFID? RFID means “Radio-frequency identification” and it refers to a technology that, with the help of radio waves, detects and identifies RFID tags at a certain distance depending on the technology. It’s a type of wireless communication that employs electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency spectrum to uniquely identify an […]

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The ultimate event planning guide

Did you know that in marketing, most expenses are attributed to event planning? According to research, business events are considered the most effective B2B marketing tactics, used by as many as 81 % of all marketers. But how to create a perfect event? We wrote down 5 essentials every professional organizer should follow. Idea Before […]

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A Guide: Industry Conferences

When organizers and participants think of professional events, industry conferences usually come to mind first. These large-scale events are frequently held in person in major cities’ exhibition halls or conference facilities. What is an Industry Conference? A large-scale gathering that brings together people working in the same industry to share knowledge, gain insights, and network […]