Event Management IDConference

Boost event networking

Networking is a top motivator for individuals attending business events, as it fosters a sense of community around a common business theme. However, there are no guarantees of meeting the right connections, and serendipitous encounters can be rare. But what if there was a way to significantly enhance the likelihood of successful business networking? According […]

Marketing Automation

Types of e-mail marketing

Today we have various worldwide options for promoting our products and/or services. Among them, Google ads, presence on social networks, and other paid marketing campaigns stand out. Despite the popularity of all these methods, email marketing remains one of the most fundamental, effective, and cost-effective marketing tools that the most successful global brands use as […]

Marketing Automation

3 methods marketing automation reduces time and cost

Marketing automation software streamlines manual tasks, which constitutes its essence. However, it encompasses more than simply substituting manual marketing tasks with software-driven solutions. By eliminating manual tasks, time is saved, and employing software capable of managing the workload of multiple individuals leads to resource and cost savings. Without delay, let’s explore 3 areas where marketing […]

CLIP Loyalty Program

How to create brand loyalty using referral loyalty programs

Customers are bombarded with ads and marketing everywhere, causing them to ignore traditional marketing. Thus, companies must find alternative ways to effectively reach their customers. Hubspot’s study found that 81% of people trust recommendations from friends or family more than those from businesses. While some customers may naturally recommend a product out of genuine satisfaction, […]

Gift Card Management SmartGifty

Your gift card program can help you increase user acquisition

In today’s competitive digital market, attracting and retaining new customers is crucial for the growth of businesses, especially with crowded spaces like streaming entertainment and food delivery. Bringing in new customers helps counterbalance the natural loss of customers over time. To remain competitive and thrive in the future, companies need to continuously seek out new […]