CLIP Loyalty Program

How to create brand loyalty using referral loyalty programs

Customers are bombarded with ads and marketing everywhere, causing them to ignore traditional marketing. Thus, companies must find alternative ways to effectively reach their customers. Hubspot’s study found that 81% of people trust recommendations from friends or family more than those from businesses. While some customers may naturally recommend a product out of genuine satisfaction, […]

Gift Card Management SmartGifty

Your gift card program can help you increase user acquisition

In today’s competitive digital market, attracting and retaining new customers is crucial for the growth of businesses, especially with crowded spaces like streaming entertainment and food delivery. Bringing in new customers helps counterbalance the natural loss of customers over time. To remain competitive and thrive in the future, companies need to continuously seek out new […]

CLIP Loyalty Program

Unlock the power of marketing automation for an exceptional loyalty program

Are you striving to create an outstanding loyalty program that captivates your customers and boosts your business? Look no further! Introducing the game-changing solution: marketing automation tools. In today’s fast-paced digital world, personalized and targeted marketing has become the key to success. That’s where marketing automation steps in, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their […]

Event Management IDConference Marketing Automation

Barriers, difficulties, and solutions for personalized event registration

Events are something where first impressions count. Registration establishes the mood and tone for the event as a kind of “opening act.” Although personalization is already ingrained in many aspects of any given event, it’s not always simple or clear to incorporate a personalization element into your registration process. But everyone deserves the warm welcome […]

CLIP Loyalty Program

Introduction to loyalty program

Customers do, after all, possess greater power than ever. They are far more intelligent and have greater options available to them. They are also far less forgiving. Developing a relationship with a customer is more challenging than ever. Even a minor error on your part could cause customers to switch to a rival’s good or service.  […]

Marketing Automation

How to develop a successful email outreach plan

Any organization that invests in digital marketing must develop an efficient email outreach strategy.  Reaching out to individuals via email is an essential component of any marketing plan, whether it’s for lead generation or nurturing, influencer marketing and link building, or any other purpose.  And yet, there are times when it seems a little boring.  […]