The Football Coaches Association of Slovenia (ZNTS) faced a challenge in ensuring the actual attendance of coaches at educational events and training. Traditional attendance tracking methods were inefficient and did not guarantee that coaches who registered for events physically attended them, which is crucial for earning points toward license renewal.

The first to approach the problem-solving were the members of the Kranj Football Coaches Association.

To address this issue, a collaboration was formed to introduce an RFID card system tailored for the Association. Unlike traditional or digital tickets, coaches were issued RFID cards, which they would carry to events. These cards were scanned upon both entry and exit, providing a precise record of attendance.

Implementation Steps

  1. RFID Card Distribution: Coaches were issued personalized RFID cards, designed to be used across multiple events.
  2. Event Check-in and Check-out: At events, coaches’ RFID cards were scanned upon both arrival and departure, using our specialized scanning system. This ensured accurate tracking of attendance durations.
  3. Data Collection and Reporting: The system automatically collected data on coaches’ participation, which was then used to generate detailed attendance reports. These reports served as the basis for allocating professional development points and facilitating license renewal processes.


  • Accurate Attendance Tracking: The RFID system provided a fail-proof method of tracking attendance, ensuring that only the actual presence of coaches at events was recorded.
  • Efficiency and Convenience: This solution streamlined the check-in and check-out processes, making it easier and faster for coaches to attend events while simplifying administrative tasks for the Association.

Enhanced Data Integrity: With precise entry and exit times, the Association could better assess participation and engagement, leading to more informed decisions regarding coach development programs.


Based on the solution for the Kranj Football Coaches Association, we developed the solution for the whole Football Coaches Association of Slovenia. In collaboration with ZNTS, we developed a digital tracking process tailored to address this challenge. The solution involved a simple yet effective system where coaches receive event tickets via email, which are then scanned at the event using our specialized application. This process verifies event registration and attendance, ensuring coaches’ presence is accurately recorded.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Digital Ticketing: Coaches receive digital tickets for events, sent directly to their email addresses.

  2. Event Check-in: Upon arrival, coaches’ tickets are scanned using our application, which verifies their registration for the event and records their attendance.

  3. Attendance Reporting: After the event, a report is generated listing all attending coaches. This report is used to allocate points towards their license renewal.


  • Verified Attendance: This system guarantees that only coaches who physically attend events earn points, encouraging genuine participation.

  • Efficiency: Digitalizing the attendance process significantly reduces the time and effort required to monitor and verify coaches’ presence at events.

  • Streamlined License Renewal: By automating the tracking and reporting of attendance, the process for renewing coaching licenses is simplified and expedited.


The partnership with the Football Coaches Association of Slovenia (ZNTS) and the implementation of a digital attendance tracking system exemplify the importance of leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency and integrity of professional development in the sports industry. This case study demonstrates how digital solutions can streamline administrative processes, ensure compliance with training requirements, and ultimately support the professional growth of coaches.

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