Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj

Olimia Spa is among the best spas in Europe, and Orhidelia Wellness is the top wellness center in Slovenia. In addition to spa centers, alternative and modern medical programs, and the thermal park, they also offer numerous accommodation options. These include hotels for different tastes and conditions, camping, and glamping. Olimia Spa is also the owner of Croatian Tuhelj Spa, offering a similar range of services. This gives visitors the option to choose the offer or program that suits them best.


In tourism, and especially in the wellness industry, customer care is perhaps even more critical than in other sectors because it typically involves relaxation, and customers naturally seek a good experience. In the wellness sector, this care might be even more essential, as wellness guests generally desire additional pampering. Therefore, ensuring a high-quality loyalty program is even more critical in this context, as well as preventing customers from “escaping” to the competition.

Olimia Spa was one of the first in Slovenia to introduce a loyalty program many years ago, and they have decided to update it. To maintain a competitive advantage, the company must know its customers, have genuine connections with them, and offer what they genuinely desire. To achieve this, powerful software tools are necessary, connected to all backend systems, and including analytics to help identify guests’ desires and habits. And that’s where the main problem lies.



Together with partners, we undertook a complex task. We established a data server where data from various backend systems (point of sale, reservations, CRM, etc.) are collected. Various analytical processes and forward predictions are performed here, enabling a better understanding of customers and helping improve the offerings. The client does not see or need to manage this, as the processes are automated. Everything the client needs and wants is accessible through a customer management tool. It includes a CRM section, customer communication, segmented messages, an overview of all a customer’s stays, reservations, and purchases, loyalty modules with settings that show which tier the customer belongs to, what they are entitled to, what they have already used, etc. The system provides a complete audit trail for each customer.

In the past loyalty program, points were collected for specific services, and when enough points were accrued, the customer received a discount voucher. Now, every euro spent anywhere in Olimia Spa or Tuhelj Spa (which have been combined in this way, no longer separate clubs) counts. It also considers co-creation, such as recommending another guest, responding to surveys, participating in selfless programs, etc.


In this way, Olimia Spa and Tuhelj Spa have begun to take advantage of the many benefits that this tool provides, which will help them better manage and understand their customers. This is the primary prerequisite for adapting to the needs of different customer segments or even individual customers.