What is CUBO Golf?

CUBO Group is a prestigious chain of hotels, villas, restaurants and golf courses. CUBO golf is a modern golf course in Slovenia, which hosts both professional and amateur golfers who want to recreate in nature. The location of the golf course offers a beautiful view of the Slovenian Alps and boasts 18 holes that connect as much as 5,872 meters in length. This exquisite trail is known for its balanced combination of dynamic clearings, sand traps and huge green parks. To top it all off, there is an excellent restaurant and a club house in addition to the playgrounds.

Smart reason and solution

With a large number of players, many problems and extra hours of administration and paperwork quickly arise. At the same time, a modern, digital way of monitoring and supporting golfers with a simple and user-friendly way of identifying and paying for services is needed. The problem was also in the outdated identification system, and the payment of balls, food, drinks and other services.

We offered our client a very special solution. Membership card, which combines the identification document with the method of payment of tokens / balls and other services (food, drink) in the club. The new product, managed by the client with the SmartGifty platform, is a prepaid, convenient card for players who can gradually cash in the credits for all related services on the course. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and administration, and the client has a user-friendly system that can see who, where and when is on his playground.

Smart result

CUBO golf members accepted the new product quickly and with pleasure. Their card offers them different options, from monthly to annual payments / membership with different benefits for each package. The size of the card is the same as a bank card, so members can have it close at all times (in their wallet, pocket). However, it works, as mentioned earlier, to pay for services, which allows for an even better experience.

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