Atlantis company faced the challenge of managing outdated gift vouchers, causing complications and administrative issues in their operations. To transition to a more efficient system, they opted for the digitization of the process by introducing the Atlantis Gift Card. This innovative solution allows users to preload any amount between €20 and €250 onto the card and then spend it as desired on all services offered by the Atlantis Water Park.


  1. Management of outdated gift vouchers: Manual management of paper gift vouchers was time-consuming and impractical, often leading to problems such as loss or damage to the vouchers.
  2. Need for complete integration: Successful implementation of a digital solution required complete integration of the system with cash registers, both for issuing new gift cards and redeeming existing funds.
  3. Diverse usage options: Users needed to be provided with options for purchasing online or on-site, as well as the choice between physical or electronic card formats, to accommodate various customer preferences and needs.


Atlantis implemented a comprehensive system that included the following key elements:

  1. Full integration with cash registers: They developed a solution seamlessly integrated into existing cash register systems, enabling easy issuance of new gift cards and redemption of funds without complications.
  2. Advanced functionalities: The digital platform allows users to choose any amount between €20 and €250 and transparently track spent funds, improving the user experience and increasing customer trust.
  3. Dual usage options: In addition to physical gift cards, they introduced an e-card providing users with the same functionality but with added flexibility and convenience.
  4. Easy online management: Customers were also enabled to purchase gift cards online, increasing service accessibility and streamlining the purchase process.


The introduction of the digital Atlantis Gift Card brought several benefits and improvements:

  1. Efficient fund management: Reduction of administrative burdens and risk of fund loss due to outdated paper vouchers.
  2. Increased flexibility for customers: Customers were provided with greater choice and customization options based on their needs, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Streamlined purchasing process: The online platform facilitated the purchase of gift cards, thereby increasing service accessibility for customers.


The digitization of the process with the Atlantis Gift Card represented a significant milestone in the company’s operations, bringing greater efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. With a system allowing seamless integration with cash registers, diverse usage options, and easy online management, Atlantis successfully overcame the challenges associated with managing outdated gift vouchers, ensuring an optimal experience for its customers.