Gift Card is a nice and practical gift – everybody loves it!

Those that gift it and those accepting it. Gift card is a positive association with your brand.


Why should you have your own gift card?

  • Gift card is a generator of new customers
  • Existing customers are ambassadors of your brand as they bring new customers
  • Whole amount is paid before used
  • All transactions are transparent
  • Easy to use and practical

Facts about Gift cards

  • Digital gift cards growth is 200% annually
  • 93% of buyers will either receive or buy a gift card within 1 year
  • Gift card is the most desirable gift in the time of holidays
  • 72% of customers buys more than the value on the card
  • 90% of all gift cards are spend in the first 60 days (10% of funds stays unused)
  • 83% of corporations use gift cards as employee incentives

How it works

Customer buys a gift card at info desk, machine or online

Gift card can be used by the customer or can be gifted (new customer)

Gift card can be used in all stores inside the shopping center

What do you need

Web access

Web Browser access

Barcode or RFID scanner


SmartGifty solutions is used in 27 Supernova shopping centers in Slovenia and Croatia in over than 1.000 shops.