The RISK Conference is the leading event in the region for cyber technology experts, information technology professionals, and data security specialists who aim to stay abreast of developments. The conference was first held in 2006 by Real Security and provides a platform for exploring the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in managing cyber technology, information technology, and data security. It offers attendees the opportunity to gain insights into trends, connect with peers, and learn new strategies for navigating the ever-changing industry.

Challenges and innovative solutions for conference execution

The first challenge encountered in the inaugural year was the digitalization of the attendee arrival process, particularly tracking attendance at individual lectures. A digitalized ticket issuance process, attendance tracking, personalized attendee gifts, and lead retrieval – digital contact exchange between attendees and potential collaborators – were offered.

The following year, the desire arose for complete digitalization from registration onwards, along with real-time event updates and a closing thank you message at the end of the event. To address these challenges, we decided to offer the EventIDmat solution, integrated into the conference’s WordPress website, enabling an automated registration process and issuance of paid e-tickets. EventIDmat also handles all communication with attendees before, during, and after the event. Additionally, it enabled attendees to provide feedback to speakers on specific lectures attended.

The solution also included advanced attendee tracking, conducted in five parallel halls. In the largest hall, due to the number of attendees (500+), contactless RFID towers were installed for seamless access and contactless attendance recording. Several sponsors presented their solutions at the event, for which we implemented a digital contact recording system – “lead retrieval”, significantly improving the interaction between exhibitors and potential customers.

Personalized gifts were managed by scanning the attendee’s accreditation and receiving information about the type of gift corresponding to each attendee.

This comprehensive event process digitalization solution (attendee management) elevated the event to a higher quality level – (attendee user experience – customer experience). It provided organizers with deeper insights into attendance at individual lectures, which can also assist them in the future from both the speakers’ perspective and topic selection.

Lastly, we ensured greater security (the number of attendees in each room is known at all times) and prevented potential abuses, while significantly simplifying and optimizing the entire execution process of the RISK conference.

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