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Personalized and digitalized is a must

The industry of gifting has accepted the personalization of products several years ago and the trend is still important and strong. Research shows that customers value personalization and are prepared to spend extra for a product to be personalized.

Another factor why the personalization of gift cards has seen such an increasing trend is because it gives the customers an even bigger feeling of being a part of the family. They can put their profile photo, or a photo that is meaningful to them on the card and so make it really personal. It is not only a type of payment but a reminder of why they shop at a certain shopping center.

A newer, but even more relevant trend in gifting is digitalization. But why is it increasing so much? When buying a digital gift, people don’t have to worry about digital presents selling out because they can be delivered instantaneously. Many of these gifts are gift cards or subscriptions to popular services, which you can either e-mail straight to the recipient or print off and deliver as a gift card. 

We can also see that, with millennials and gen Z becoming more and more independent and financially strong while having a mobile device with them almost all the time, digitalization is becoming a must these days.

Personalized and digital or e-gift cards are in high demand today and we are sure that they will also be in the future.