Marketing Automation

Personalization and automation of emails: Engage your subscribers

Every day, people receive numerous email messages, many of them being advertisements or spam. So, how can you create an email that will stand out and that your subscribers or customers will open them and interact with your brand? Email personalization is the answer – it improves conversions by 10% and clicks rates by 14%.

What is email personalization?

When you are using the information you already have about a particular subscriber to create an email exclusively for that person, you’re using personalized email marketing. Age, interests, last page visited, name, last product purchased and more are all examples of information you may use to tailor the email.

Precisely because of personalization, the recipient gets a greater sense of belonging to the brand, and at the same time increases the possibility of purchase.

How to create personalized email campaigns?

Writing a personalized email for each customer would be exhausting and a waste of time, so this is where marketing automation comes in. It allows you to:

  • Create a stunning mobile‑friendly website in minutes
  • Design several segments with contacts that opened the last email you sent, from a specific location or with a specific tag
  • Track leads throughout the entire life cycle with a points system
  • Personalize every stop in your customer’s journey incorporating multiple decisions, behavior triggers and actions
  • Track your campaign performance in real-time
  • And so many more things

Smart Octopus Solutions can help you

We specialize in marketing automation and help our customers create successful marketing campaigns. Our way to do it is to use Mautic and help you at every step of the way. Mautic works great as a basic CRM system, email marketing tool and forms, pop up & custom landing page provider. Oh and don’t worry, we take care of setting up the opt-ins and campaigns in a privacy laws compliant way.