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3 ways to retain more customers in 2023

Looking for strategies to keep more customers in 2023? While we implemented significant changes in how businesses and customers engage over the last two years, this year offers an opportunity to perfect these new methods, continue introducing new trends, and enhance your customer retention efforts. 

The strategies described below include some that make use of cutting-edge technology, others that have grown more important as a result of COVID-19, and yet others that are just tried-and-true methods for increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. 

So let’s get started without further hesitation!

1. Surprise your customers with occasional surprises to make their day better.

Everybody enjoys the occasional spontaneity, especially when it manifests as an unexpected gift! 

In order to make it seem like a random act of kindness, marketers are increasingly incorporating incremental awards, discounts, and other perks into the framework of their loyalty programs without the customer’s knowledge. 

To demonstrate how much your firm values the customer’s continuous business and is dedicated to exceeding their expectations, it might be as simple as providing a free sample along with their purchase (which also works as a helpful cross-selling strategy for the following time). 

All of the top CX brands already employ this strategy, which is known as surprise and delight.

2. One of the primary strategies for retaining more clients in 2023 is contactless loyalty.

Since contactless transactions have become the norm, businesses have had to come up with new methods of rewarding customers with loyalty points. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to incorporate contactless loyalty into your company. Listed here are just a few simple solutions: 

Buying in person: 

  • A digital loyalty app that interacts with a Bluetooth/NFC device at the point of sale to reward points to consumers’ mobile devices. 
  • Customers use their digital loyalty app to scan a special QR Code held by store merchants to obtain a stamp for their purchase.

Buying online:

  • Ecommerce loyalty programs allow clients to shop online and earn points/redeem prizes from the comfort of their homes. 
  • When an online consumer receives an item at their door, they can scan a special QR Code located within the package for loyalty points.

3. Give your customers rewards for using your brand rather than just paying money.

Rewarding customers for actions that promote your brand is the key. This consists: 

  • Recommending friends to your company 
  • Internet brand promotion (i.e. instructional videos, written reviews, blogs, tutorials, podcasts, and any other type of user-generated content) 
  • Completing questions that you might send to current customers, such as feedback forms, customer satisfaction surveys, and other questionnaires

Consumers may use loyalty apps to earn points with every purchase and redeem prizes without using paper punch cards or plastic membership cards, and they also give businesses a way to stay in touch with their highest-spending customers at any time. 

Smart Octopus Solutions can help you with creating a perfect loyalty program for you and your customers.

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