With integration of services and the latest technologies we enable you to easily and professionally plan, implant and execute loyalty programs, increase the loyalty of your customers and increase the profitability of your company.


“Loyalty program” is a very broad concept and the view of it is different. It depends on the individual, requirements, expectations and last but not least, capabilities.

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Together with partners we offer:

  • Marketing Automation Tool
  • Loyalty module
  • Giftcard/payment module
  • API integrations with ERP systems
  • Digitalization and integration of different IT systems together with data-warehouse
  • Revising business  processes
  • Business Analytics and Business Inteligation
  • Marketing support

Case study

Terme Olimia is the best Slovenian spa resort. Their clients are mostly out of Slovenia.

They decided to renew their current loyalty system which is out of time and do not cover modern approaches as is Marketing Automation Tool, different levels and segments, connecting different SW’s together via API,  etc

New loyalty system will go live in second half of 2021.


Our customers are: KD Group, Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj